Total cost is only $49 per month plus a service fee of $3/order

You will never again need to spend time taking orders over the phone, packing items for shipment, dealing with UPS, FedEx or the post office, or answering customer inquiries regarding the status of their orders. Your taproom is likely open less than 36 hours per month to the public but now your patrons can purchase any of your branded merchandise 24/7/365.

See our RISK FREE e-commerce offer below.


TOP 5 REASONS why having an online store make good cents
(and dollars too)!

  1. You are in business to make great beer and hopefully make some money doing so. In addition to being a craft brewer, you are already an accountant, HR specialist, trainer, errand runner, handy-man (or woman), marketer, and you wear many more hats. Why not leave order processing and shipping in the hands of an expert and eliminate those headaches?
  2. Offering merchandise online allows you to expand your offering. Sure, you want to offer the basics in your taproom and have them available online but with a web store, you can include additional items that just won’t fit or display well in the brewery store.
  3. Most taprooms are open only about 25 to 26 hours each week. An online store makes your merchandise available to purchase 24/7/365.
  4. Online brewery stores open a large world of additional business. As the number of craft breweries continues to expand more people are becoming craft brewery memorabilia collectors.  Today there are thousands of collectors available in just the US and your online swag store can service them all.
  5. We saved the best for #5. Working with us at GotBeerStuff.com you can take advantage of our RISK-FREE e-commerce offer. Here’s how it works:
    • Got Beer Stuff will build and load all the merchandise on your e-commerce website at no cost to you.
    • We will provide you with the service FREE for the first month that it’s added to your website and social media sites.
    • All transactions will be managed by Got Beer Stuff on your behalf. We will capture the orders, capture the payment on a secure platform that is PCI compliant, produce the merchandise, fill and ship the orders, and handle all customer service questions and needs.
    • There is no long term commitment on your part. If you find that our e-commerce website program is not meeting your needs, you can stop it at any time for any reason.

Total cost for this service is $49 per month for website management plus a $3 service fee for each order.
Note that is $3 per order not per item and you can expect to average two or more items per order.

Got Beer Stuff’s RISK-FREE e-commerce offer

In a given month we will monitor your sales and if the difference between what was sold and what those items cost you does not equal or exceed the $49 monthly website management fee we will waive the difference between what you earned and the $49 fee.  For example, let’s say for the entire month you only sold five items online and those items had cost you $8 each and you sold them for $15 each making a profit of $7 each or a total profit of $35.  This falls below the amount needed to cover the monthly website management fee of $49 by $14 so you would be excused payment of $14 that month.  This offer does not affect the order service fee of $3 per order because this is only charged when an actual order is purchased, packed and shipped.