The most important thing you can do to keep your taproom or brewpub top of mind with your customers is to keep them posted as to what you are doing.  Ideally, you want to consider all the following methods of communication:

  • A monthly newsletter informing fans of what’s happening at your brewery.
    • Announce new beers and tell folks when the first tap will occur.
    • Introduce new staff members.
    • Announce upcoming events at the taproom or off-site that you will be sponsoring or participating in.
    • Share news about your community involvement. Promote new merchandise and swag available that the brewery or online.
    • Introduce a new food item and include a coupon offer to invite trial.
  • Write a blog about something you’re passionate about like operating a micro-brewery. Just don’t make the mistake too many new bloggers fall into, i.e., write one or two blogs and then go dark. Be disciplined.  Carry a note pad and when ideas pop into your head jot them down and then once a month gather your thoughts and publish a new issue of your blog.
  • Facebook posts are controlled by an algorithm that determines who will see your post. On average, followers see 1 out of 10 (sometimes fewer) of your posts. Facebook wants every user to see the posts that will be most interesting to them, whether those posts are shared by friends, family, brands, or a sports star,  celebrity, or perhaps even the leader of the free world So just how does Facebook’s algorithm predict what a user is interested in viewing?  It takes into account four things as follows.
      1. Who posted it? - Some people find what you have to say more interesting than others. The more someone is into you the more they are going to want to see your posts and keep tabs on what you are doing.
      2. What is the content of your update? - Facebook pays attention to user behavior and factors it in when it’s deciding what types of post to show a viewer. It wants people to like what they see, so it’s going to show them what it knows they like.
      3. How much engagement does the update have? - When a post is getting activity like comments, likes, clicks, and shares, Facebook assumes that it’s interesting to the people who see it – and it may start getting a better reach.
      4. Is the post timely? – The adage used to be "recency is king", however, Facebook never wants a viewer to miss something that they deem important just because they haven’t logged on for a while. Even though it values newer updates, it also considers that something older might be relevant.
  • Instagram (also owned by Facebook) gives you a great platform for folks who like visual stimulation. When you post about new beers don’t miss out on including images of patrons enjoying the new beer.  Be certain to ask their permission but fans are often most pleased with an opportunity to openly endorse a beer that they enjoy. Another important point that Jess Baker makes, “Instagram gives you the opportunity to like photos your fans take of your taproom, your events, and your beer. Use the Re-post app to feature photos from your fans–they’ll be excited you acknowledged their post, and the community will grow.”
  • Your best use of Twitter is to make announcements in real time. Use it for taproom updates, event announcements, job postings and overall interacting with your fans. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you don’t need to be concerned about the algorithm in order to have your tweet be seen.

Contact us at Gotbeerstuff and ask about having us customize a regularly scheduled email and social media campaign to help keep your brewery fresh in the minds of your best fans.