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Our Approach

We're beer lovers trying to help independent brewers.

We all love craft beer and think that it's great that so many creative people have entered the industry here in the US over the past several years.  Although we love our beer we have no talent for creating it.  However, what we can do is pool our business talents to help you run your business with less hassle and better costs allowing you more time to create more delicious beers.

We want to create a win-win situation where you as a small business owner have access to marketing expertise and excellent promotional pricing.

Our Story

Our Story

We are like the three musketeers only different.  One day while indulging in a frothy pint of our favorite beers at a local taproom we thought about the thousands of fellow Americans who followed their passion and did the due diligence to take their beer making from a hobby to a business.  The truth is that more often than not these new brewers were never entrepreneurs prior to getting the brewery bug.  Lacking small business experience where the owners need to cover everything from production to construction, and human resources to a health department inspection, we can help with some of the non-brewing work.

This is when the light bulb went off.  Why not create a website where these new entrepreneurs could turn for timely advice, some crisp new ideas that are working for other brewers and a one-stop source for much of the merchandise needed to make their taprooms attractive and a place folks love to visit?  Between the three of us, we had Chris, an IT WIZ, Phil, a manufacturer and plant operator, and Pat, a veteran of both corporate and small business marketing and sales.

We came up with a catchy name on the back of a beer coaster and the rest, as they say, is history.

How can we help you?

Please spend time looking through the site.  We will be adding new elements and special offers regularly to keep the site fresh and a good resource for you as a brewer.  We work best with your comments and feedback so please send us your comments, questions, and product requests.  If you  have something that you would like to top off your tap room or give you that point of differentiation let us know and we will do our best to source it for you,