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Teku - The perfect beer glass, …or Not?

Pat La Jeunesse Founder – Got Beer Stuff

To say it in a pleasant way, suitable for publication, “Opinions are like noses, everyone has one but no one cares about yours or mine”.  I was doing a little research on different types of beer glasses and came across two different articles, each written by a self-proclaimed beer expert.  I learned a lot reading each article and also learned that although our beer glass experts differed on some points much of what they had to say gelled and made sense,  At least enough to make me want to try and be certain to use the correct glass for the beer at hand. Rather than cover the entire gamut of beer glasses I want to focus on one, the Teku glass.

The first article written by Ales Delany for Bon Appetit magazine was titled The Best Beer Glasses, According to Someone Who Drinks a Lot of Beer. https://www.bonappetit.com/story/best-beer-glasses-teku   I found the second article written by Austin White about 18 months earlier and it appeared in Kegworks. https://www.kegworks.com/blog/teku-beer-glass-review/ White's article was titled: An Honest Review of the Teku Beer Glass.

I need not go into the level of detail that either Delany or White did but the links above will let you read both reviews if you wish.  Allow me to recap the gist of what these two glassware experts had to say.  As can be gleaned from Delany’s title he is very much sold on the idea that the Teku is the cat’s meow.

So, what exactly is a Teku glass?  Teku beer glasses are scientifically engineered to enhance a beer’s aromas and tastes. Meaning this one style of glass allows you to enjoy any kind of beer to its fullest. Teo Musso and Lerenzo Dabove, two Italian beer innovators realized that traditional beer glasses allowed too many aromatics to escape from the top of the pint. So, the Italians partnered with Rastal, the innovative glassmakers from Germany.  What they created is a thing of beauty and functionality.  The Teku beer glass uses its outward curve to capture and release the beer’s aromas. A good beer glass should trap the aroma of the beer from escaping. To do this, the glass needs a body with a top that’s smaller than the base, so the aroma doesn’t leave your glass all at once. Designed properly the glass should allow the beer’s aroma to sit at the top of the glass. To know what a beer is all about, you need to be able to smell it.

The next important element of the design is the stem which makes the beer glass look much more like a wine glass.  The stem allows you to get a firm without touching the bowl containing the bee and transferring your body heat to the beer.  Finally, there is the outward-curving lip at the top of the glass. Beer rolls right off the lip of the glass, in a malty waterfall past your lips and into your mouth where your taste buds can enjoy it.

So, what drew these two beer-drinking experts to the Teku glass and why?  Austin White conducted an experiment designed to test the difference in taste and enjoyment of various beers when drank for three different glasses, a standard pint glass, a tulip, and aTeku.  In his testing, he found that the dark, spiced beers tasted too rich, too complex, and overpowering. The glass accentuated all the malty flavors and spices, almost to an unbearable level.  The glass worked as designed; it enhanced all the aromas and flavor. Hover that ked White to determine that the Teku glass was better suited for lighter beers or sours.

Delany however, had a somewhat different take.  Although he admitted a rich brown stout was best drank from a traditional pint, he felt that pretty much any other beer was best delivered in a Teku glass.  He claimed that the Teku is the best overall option for an at-home beer glass. It shines brightest with hoppy ales like IPAs and pale ales, as well as fruited sours and Belgian ales like Saisons, table beers, or lambics, and it certainly won’t be bad for any. You can drink all beers from a Teku.

So, there you have it.  Two different but somewhat similar opinions of the Teku beer glass.  In the end its only your opinion that matters so you bee the judge.